Wedding Trends to Know for 2019

Weddings have been there since time immemorial. While they continue to exist, the industry continues to change. There are new trends and the creative continue to go an extra mile to bring in new styles. Modern weddings are not just for marking the day but for creating an occasion that everyone will live to remember. 

People nowadays want a wedding that will be the talk of the town. From amazing wedding gowns to delicious food, the wedding trends continue to evolve. If you are here to look for ideas to make your big special and memorable, here are the wedding trends for 2019 that you should know. 

Neon signs

You will without any doubt love this and you wouldn’t want to miss this for your wedding. There is a new way to announce your status at the wedding or have everyone know how your name is pronounced. The neon signs are a great way to do this. The signs will also create a beautiful extension to the decoration of your wedding and they are a unique piece to have for your special day. You can display them in your house later on.

Smoke bomb doorways

Everyone loves a great sparkler exit. However, the newest leave-taking is a disorder of shade; smoke bombs. The fun posts leave a shadow of whimsical orpiment in their track that creates the spectral pictures leaving everyone impressed. Harmonize the soot to your union colors or choose a rare rainbow backdrop. The only downside here is that this is only great during daytime hours. 

Regal fashion

This is another trend that you may want to use for your wedding. Spectacle in fashion continues to change every day. The royal capelets and capes, rolling jackets and blinged-out apparels are everything that trends. Tiaras are as well huge together with minimalistic dresses. You don’t want to miss this.

Eco-friendly weddings

If you want to join princess Eugene in eliminating wast at your wedding, you can consider having an eco-friendly wedding. The best thing you can do is to lessen the carbon footprint and try to use seasonal flowers and food. 

Back garden nuptials

According to Pinterest, there are millions of people searching for garden weddings. Their report showed that more people are interested in having their weddings at their homes rather than at costly venues. There is no restriction on numbers or curfew or menu. 

Non-conventional florals

Although floral set-ups have a moment, the non-conventional floral set-ups are not different. The installation may include the use of wheat and grass and this assists to offer a stunning addition to your wedding or reception venue. You can choose to line your venue with pampas grass that has been painted your theme color to harmonize your scheme color. 


What plans do you have for your big day? If you don’t have something in place for your reception venue, you can use some of these ideas that we have shared here to make it memorable and the talk of the town – take a look on this article about modern wedding decor ideas.

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